PICTURE IT: Your dream spa retreat. Would there be massage therapists at your beck and call? Fresh, organic food delivered on a silver platter to your private, glistening, turquoise pool? You and your hubby? And your BFFs? And a cute pool boy?

In April we challenged you to answer this question by way of our “My Dream Spa Retreat” Pinterest Contest for the chance to win a $300 Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week. Well, that winner was chosen and it’s time we share with you her spa imagination run wild… her luxurious, world-wide wellness wonderland… the intrepid spa adventure of a lifetime!

Congratulations Elisse Jo Goldstein-Clark, and thanks for all the Pinspiration… these are some sweet future blog topics! 😉 Check out her awesome winning pin board here, and see some of the fun highlights below.

Doctor Fish! I did this in Korea and it was FABULOUS & I’d absolutely have this at my Dream Spa Resort! It’s SO good for people with Psoriasis like me!
I SO want to try a Cocoa Leaf Body Mask, like they do in Peru, and have it at my Dream Spa Retreat!
Acupuncture is the ONLY thing that gets my hubs out of pain (and helps heal me), so a real, medically certified acupuncturist is a TOTAL MUST at my Dream Spa Retreat!
And I’ve GOT to have a 24K Gold Facial at my Dream Spa Retreat!
And, of course, a Gondola Massage…
For my hubs: A REAL barber & shave (and a Man’s Mani/Pedi) at my Dream Spa resort!
Aromatherapy lavendar sugar scrub! I want this at my Dream Spa Retreat!
I had my toes done like this at the Glade Springs WV Orange Spa and it was Amazing- a MUST at my Dream Spa Retreat!
And my BFFs & I will have Total Beauty Makeovers at my Dream Spa Retreat & look Gawjus!
Have to have a hot stone massage at my Dream Spa Retreat!
And, of course, a nice, relaxing dip in the hot tub… 🙂
I would have a snow cave (to tighten the pores…) at my Dream Spa Resort, too…
MUST have this Red Wine Bath at my Dream Spa Retreat!!! Vinotherapy!
Have to have a warm Mud Volcano bath like we did in Cartagena, Columbia at my Dream Spa Retreat- & at least one of their great masseuses, too! It was FAB!

(we’ve featured these mud baths before!)

Gourmet spa cuisine at my dream spa retreat…
And of course I’d have sushi- lots and lots and lots of world-class sushi & sashimi- & a Great Japanese sushi chef- at my Dream Spa Retreat!
Real, medical reflexology- like I had in Israel and Vietnam- is a TOTAL must at my Dream Spa Retreat!
I want a Japanese Soaking Tub for two (& that view!) at my Dream Spa Retreat!
Korea has THE BEST “fun” toilets! Adjustable hot & cold water sprays, heat, cool breezes, etc., etc., etc! A TOTAL, NON-NEGOTIABLE MUST HAVE for my Dream Spa Retreat!
Have to have a luxurious room with a beautiful view at my Dream Spa Retreat…
In a perfect world, my nails (and lips!) will look like this at my Dream Spa Retreat!
Dead Sea Mud and Salt from Israel! GOTTA have it at my Dream Spa Retreat!
Can I bring the Kittehs to my Dream Spa Retreat? 🙂
Can I PLEASE bring my puppies to my Dream Spa Retreat?

A note from Elisse:

I had a LOT of fun making the “My Dream Spa Retreat” board on Pinterest. I’ve only recently started using Pinterest (my husband and I have a bed-and-breakfast in WV, the Elkhorn Inn & Theatre www.elkhorninnwv.com, and I wanted to see if and how Pinterest might be of value to us and our business), but it is such a fun time-waster that I’ve found myself spending hours on it! I started out intending to spend about 5 minutes on my spa board, but it sort of “took on a life of it’s own”! Hours later (LOL), I was still finding all sorts of “cool stuff” I wanted to include, discovering places I’d never been and treatments I’d never tried, and badly wanting things I hadn’t even realized existed before! (Pinterest is baaaaaaaaaad that way…. 😉 Thank you again- it’s going to be fun figuring out what to use the gift card on!