Twice upon a time in the summers of ’07 and ’08, I spent entirely too long in Las Vegas. It was for work both times, and don’t get me wrong, I adore that city with a party-girl passion. I spent ten wild days indulging in world-class spa experiences, lounging in poolside cabanas with D-list celebrities, escaping the desert heat in nearly-naked pools, pretending I could afford $4,500 handbags as I cooled down in delicious hotel air conditioning, getting free martinis over hours at the blackjack table (winning… most of the time), dining on juicy steaks and mind-blowing sushi rolls in some of the best restaurants anywhere, and partying till dawn with people I’d never, ever see again. Thank God. What happens in Vegas when you stay for ten days? You realize it would have been in your health’s best interest to have only stayed for three or four.

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