For two and a half years, I’ve been pleading with you to GO!!! Go to the spa! Try that new LED acne-fighting facial. Treat yourself to that 90 minute Thai Massage. YOU are worth it!

So, as spa-seekers tend to do, you browse through Spa Week’s Deals or $50 treatments, you fall in love with a spa service or twelve (shea butter and hot stone have a sneaky way of doing that), you choose a lucky winner or two or seven, and you schedule your appointments. When your spa day arrives, you get dressed, get in your car, stop for a small bite to eat beforehand, get there, get in your robe, get undressed, get spa’d, get back in your robe, get dressed, drive home, get undressed, get back in your own robe. PHEW, that’s a LOT of dressing and undressing! What if things could just be… more luxurious?

ENTER: Grae Therapy, a full-service mobile spa company serving the NYC/North Jersey area, that delivers the full, incredible spa experience to your very own home. No dressing and undressing, no transportation, no ma’am! You can schedule your treatment in advance or call Grae Therapy on a whim, 23 hours a day. They are superstitious about the hours of midnight to 1 AM, however: “Something always goes wrong during that hour.”

This isn’t just a man with a portable massage table. OH, no, not at all. Aromatherapy candles, freshly made flavored spa water, spa tunes, a beautiful massage table, hot paraffin and smiling faces with an exquisite sense of hospitality arrive at your doorstep! You don’t have to move a muscle. In fact, they will literally move your muscles for you. Want champagne? Gourmet food made by a top NYC chef? Owner Tim Grae is the star of the show, and in his world, his clients get treated like royalty in their own surroundings.

Grae Therapy also does corporate spa days (it’s 100% tax deductable – tell your boss!) and spa parties galore. Are you a chef and need a massage right this second? Be careful what you wish for – Tim Grae will be at your restaurant in 20 minutes.

I was lucky to have the Grae Therapy experience and share it with my two fantastic roommates, Tracy and Jess, who work just as hard as I do. After work last Wednesday evening, we all got home around 7pm and by 7:30 our Alphabet City apartment was transformed into a dim, cozy, zen den with all the spa trimmings. We changed into our robes and most comfortable clothes. The Grae team filled our Brita and wine glasses with tasty fresh strawberry-orange-mint spa water. Spa music with an R&B touch filled the room with a calm coolness.

And the night-o-pampering began.

Tim Grae’s hands are a highly skilled and intuitive pair, and his personality is up there with his extreme therapeutic talent! There are some massages where you can tell that your therapist is going through a routine, starting with A and ending with Z. But Tim Grae went into our massages, each its own personalized mission to invigorate and respond to our bodies.


Jess, Tracy and I rotated I watched as Jess was stretched and twisted, but for me he spent more time kneading out the knots in my back. The communication between his hands and my back was seamless. He uses a mix of modalities, with Shiatsu being his favorite. He massaged me into a near-comatose state. WHOAH, did that really just happen in my living room?

Grae Therapy also offers a couples massage which includes instruction on “loving touch” and massaging your partner. Interestingly, one of the reasons Tim Grae became a massage therapist was because he realized that when a man touches a woman’s body, most of the time it’s for the man’s pleasure. Learning the techniques and shifting the importance to what feels good to a woman is one of the best skills a man can learn. (Hint hint, gents!)


Like I said, Grae Therapy is full-service. They do scrubs in people’s bath tubs, and facials and beauty treatments that aren’t even on the menu. Danielle is their top manicurist, and wow is she a gem. She works with Deborah Lippmann on Fashion Week and special events and uses only Deborah Lippmann polishes and products – by far the best nail brand on earth.

She also comes with a portable hot paraffin wax machine and individual-use mitts; 10 or 15 minutes of no-hands relaxation is a beautiful thing! Especially when you’ve been Instagramming all night.

I was overwhelmed by the color selection (Deborah Lippmann, seriously… how do you do it!?) so I let Danielle play around and pick for me. She loved this idea. The only requirement was that the middle finger needed to be a different color. Voila! It’s I Know What Boys Like as the base color with Today Was A Fairytale as the sparkle.)

After a few indulgent hours, Grae Therapy cleaned everything better than it was to begin with, and left me on the couch in a blanket and towel cocoon, a happy-pappy grin on my face, unable to move. They saw themselves to the door, and I didn’t even feel rude – that’s just how it was intended. A little while later, I slipped into bed and fell fast asleep. Glorious.

That night was one of the best we’ve had in our apartment to date . There’s something so magical about transforming your apartment like that. Your home begins to take on pieces of spa personality. You can be sitting in your living room, remembering that magnificent massage that took place just feet away. You recall the aromatherapy candle burning slowly on your coffee table. It reminds you to burn candles more often, and to treat your home as your own personal sanctuary – all the time. It really changes things.

So, maybe I’m not a spa girl after all? Maybe I’m just a girl who loves to feel luxurious… right in her favorite place in New York City.

Grae Therapy now accepts Spa & Wellness Gift Cards by Spa Week! See the Grae Therapy website for prices and packages.

Disclosure – this amazing experience was complimentary.