Its official folks, summer is here, and the forecast for this weekend is HOT, HOT, HOT! That means breaking out the string bikinis, maxi dresses and crop tops in every effort to keep our poor bodies from suffering a heat stroke.  That’s a whole lotta skin… have you perfected your Jennifer Aniston-esque summer-gorgeous glow yet?


Now picture this scenario – you’re lying on the beach, feeling sexy in your teensy-weensiest yellow polka dot bikini (or one-piece!), gossiping with your girlfriends and listening to Rihanna on repeat… when you spot a cute guy lying on the towel pretty close to you. He goes to get up and his foot casually, accidentally brushes against your leg – but UGH – rough alligator skin?! NOOO! Aren’t you happy we thought about this scenario long before it actually had the chance to play out in real life? Luckily, we’re always looking out for you and would never let something like that happen. We all know the benefits of proper skin care, and that regular exfoliation is not an indulgence but a summer-skin wellness necessity. Exfoliation can reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve circulation and even stimulate cell growth, making you look younger; but most importantly, it sloughs off layers of dead skin cells, making way for the radiant, refreshed skin beneath it to shine through!


With these luxurious Spa Deals body scrub treatment (good until June 30th!) offerings that harness the detoxifying, stress-reducing, softening powers of sea salt, vanilla and sugar, there is no excuse not to have touchably-smooth, healthy looking skin before you hit the beach! Be sure to check out these skin-perfecting deals now, because once we’re through with you, you’ll feel more confident  than ever about lathering up that gorgeous, glowing skin with tons of SPF 30 (or higher!) and heading outdoors for a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend of fun in the sun!

$90 Summer Citrus Body Scrub and Vichy Shower at Skin Health Medi Spa in Dover, NH (was $100)

$35 30 Min Sea Salt Body Scrub at Spa Mariana in Birmingham, MI (was $55)

$50 Aromatherapy Salt Scrub at Avatar Spa in Marlboro, NJ (was $65)

$50 Dead Sea Salt Jewel Scrub at Ettia Holistic Day Spa in New York, NY (was $75)

$68 50 Min Seasonal Body Scrub at Flowering Almond Spa in Virginia Beach, VA (was $85)

$65 50 Min Vanilla Body Scrub at Norris of Houston in Houston, TX (was $80)

$75 60 Min Sugar Scrub Massage at Rejuv Massage Therapy Center, LLC in New Orleans, LA (was $100)

$50 Sugar or Salt Scrub with Vichy Shower Ultrabeauty Day Spa in Philadelphia, PA (was $75)

$65 60 Min Salt Glow Scrub and Seaweed Wrap at Body Essentials II – Lake Tahoe Boulevard in South Lake Tahoe, CA  (was $130)

$51 30 Min Aromatherapy Massage and Body Scrub at East Beauty Day Spa in New York, NY(was $115)

$55 40 Min Body Glow Scrub at Hiatus Spa + Retreat in Austin and Dallas, TX (was $85)

$70 Organic Sugar Scrub at Mezzaluna Day Spa in Westwood, NJ (was $85)

$65 50 Min Invigorating Body Scrub at Morgan Run Spa and Sport Retreat Rancho Santa Fe, CA (was $130)

$105 1 Hour and 45 Min Summer Glow with Body Scrub and Spray Tan at Riviera Spa in Dallas, TX  (was $180)

$60 60 Min Full Body Scrub at Solace Day Spa & Salon in Old Bridge, NJ (was $120)


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