By Jamie G. Dougherty

Weight loss is all about changing your thoughts, actions and feelings around your body and your food.  Sometimes it happens by accident and sometimes it’s a serious pain in the patootie! Before starting on any new eating routine or life change, it’s imperative to set yourself up for success.  Yes, tossing out the balance bars and frozen snickers certainly helps, but I’m talking about digging a little deeper. Here are my 3 life-altering action steps to take before making any new life change.  Use these whenever you want to change your thoughts about your body, your food, or how you engage in any new and exciting endeavor.  With these easy 3 all lined up and ready to go, you are certain to rock the casbah!3

Find community and a mentor


You don’t have to do this whole foody/body change thang alone.  Community is the quickest way to make sure you stay focused and supported throughout your new (or current) endeavor.  Build a group around you that will party with you during the highs and pick you up and dust you off in the lows. After giving yourself permission to not do it alone, find someone who inspires you, enthralls you and makes you say, “Damn, I want to be like that!” And then…connect.  Reinventing the wheel is no fun and honestly, unnecessary.  Find someone you admire, who rocks your world and get their energy in regular doses.

Trust your own pace


Stop the cranky comparisons right now.  Everyone is on their own path so trust your pace and the speed at which you progress.  Some people move fast while others take more time.  Either way, we all end up in the same place so you might as well trust your intuition and enjoy the ride.

Success is NOW


You are doing wonderfully now.  Not when you kick Diet Coke to the curb forever (though that will be awesome!), but when you finally believe your are worthy and deserving, or when you’ve got your dream body.  N.O.W.  Everything you do now is making way for the desires and dreams that lie before you.  Appreciate each moment so you can fully connect with your purpose which keeps you gently on task for all you want to create.

Good stuff, right?  So here’s how you are going to get started! In the comments below tell me, what do you wish you had known before taking on new change?  Which life altering action spoke to you most and how will you incorporate it?

Jamie G. Dougherty, founder of, empowers busy women to break through food barriers to see their bodies and life bloom! If you feel hungry, stuck and unsatisfied with your food and body be sure to visit Jamie’s website to get her FREE 5-Step Guide to Fabulous.  Seriously ladies, get ready for Jamie to rock your world!