By Peggie Walker

Is it fashion or is it style? Fashion is the accessories or clothing that one wears, it can change frequently over time. Style is one’s unique way of presenting the things one wears. It often develops and enhances over time. We can and should all aspire to achieve great fashion with great style. It’s never too late or too early to explore and find what looks best on you to bring out your personal style.  No matter your age, developing a personalized “look” is something everyone should aspire to do.

Age Appropriate vs Body Appropriate


No matter what age or shape, you can change your whole perspective on how you look and feel. As part 1 of this series indicated, exercise is key and essential to body appropriate fashion and style.  As age lines become blurred, ‘getting it right’ and ‘looking your best’ in your clothes is not so much a function of your age as it is of your height, weight, and shape.  There are no set rules when it comes to fashion and style that work best for you. You don’t need a walk in closet full of clothes to be fashionable.  All you really need are basic staple pieces that you can mix and match, wear over and over, and dress up or down.

7 Tips for Ageless Fashion & Style

  1. Keep your look chic and classy even when dressing casual
  2. Dress in a timeless way by investing in quality statement pieces of jewelry–remembering to keep accessories minimal
  3. Pay special attention to personal grooming, this will enhance your personal style
  4. Keep makeup natural with neutral colors during the day and use bolder makeup at night
  5. Edit your wardrobe frequently to ensure you are on trend with 10 really fashionable pieces
  6. Shop seasonal sales for bargains to get you through to the next season
  7. Use a critical eye when following the newest trends by getting what looks good on you.  If it doesn’t feel/fit right then its probably not right for you

Define Your Fashion Style & Make It Work

Select fashions that will develop your personal style. Try different styles for different occasions.  Example: fun and flirty for day, sexy and sophisticated for night, or bold and dramatic for those miscellaneous times. If you pay attention to what works for you and be disciplined about it you will be well on your way to being a fabulous, on-trend dresser with incredible style–at any age.

Our friend, Peggie Walker, is the Executive Editor & Lifestyle Consultant for The Quest for It. She recently re-ignited her longtime passions in the areas of inter-generational beauty, fashion, and health/wellness lifestyles. Many of her articles reflect her long-time practice of living and promoting an age defying life. Early on in her career, Peggie worked at a local New York City School of Modeling where she developed and instructed classes in model makeup, exercise, and fashion. During the 90s, she worked as a Certified Personal Trainer while working toward an MBA Degree in Marketing. Peggie considers herself a warrior against the aging effects of gravity, both physically and mentally. Her quest continues to be filled with aspiration, inspiration, and education.