How many beauty products are in your bag right now? Two? Four? You might be surprised to see what you’ve accumulated in there!

BB creams had a major moment this year (BB = Beauty Balm, which basically means a product with multiple purposes, like a tinted moisturizer with an acne-fighting or anti-aging ingredient).

In theory it sounds good, and it may even cut a product or two out of your morning regimen. Still, we never really got overly excited about the concept — shouldn’t all cosmetics be infused with functional ingredients by now?

What does excite us is multi-tasking in the most literal sense — like two products conveniently packaged in one.

The Votrue Vu Love Me Deux tinted moisturizer achieves this perfectly — the flip-up cap contains concealer and a mirror, then screws off for easy application of the moisturizing tint. It’s tiny enough to keep in your bag for touch-ups after the gym, work, or just those moments when you catch your reflection in a mirrored surface and think, Wow, what was I thinking when I left the house without makeup?

Another multi-tasker we love is Laura Mercier’s Undercover Pot. The lid contains two mixable shades of her famous concealer (in fact, they’re also two different formulas, if you want to get really precise), and the cap screws off to house setting powder in the bottom. If you have breakouts, dark circles, or any other skin flaws (that’s pretty much all of us, right?) it’s a savior to have on hand at all times.

What’s your favorite multi-tasking product? Which two of your beauty products would you love to combine into one?