By Arielle Sidrane

What do you like to do to relax on a lazy Sunday?

Watching TV, delving into a good book, lounging by the pool or indulging in a hot stone massage at a local spa are some of our personal favorite options. But what can really make or break a lazy day is our apparel.

Do you find yourself most comfortably clad when laying around in a bathrobe, sweatpants, or are there some days you never even change out of pajamas?

It seemed to us like sweatpants were the lazy day uniform of choice until Sassimi’s Sicily Bamboo Spa Lounger arrived at the office. The luxuriously soft (and eco-friendly) bamboo material feels just like traditional bathrobes, but it looks more like a cute little dress.

And consider this: You won’t have to worry about your face mask staining your favorite t-shirt.

Tell us – Do you think the bathrobe is making a comeback? Are you a fan of these modern ‘lounger’ robes? Let us know your relaxation wear of choice below.