Getting Botox or peels to smooth your skin and get rid of wrinkles? Your money could be better spent on other treatments.

While many women are drawn to Botox and chemical peels over other dermatologist treatments for their relatively affordable price tags, consider how these treatments can add up.

“Patients should receive treatments two to three times a year to keep Botox fresh and muscles from flexing, which will prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles,” explains Dr. Andrew Jacono of the New York Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery.

With an average cost of $425 per Botox treatment, that’s an investment of around $1,275 per year.

Chemical peels aren’t much different. You’ll love the initial results (smaller pores! even skintone! no downtime!). But no downtime also means that the resurfacing results of these $500 treatments are pretty superficial, and you’ll be back within a few months for another. Your annual investment? Up to $2,000.

We asked Dr. Jacono to share ideas for more impactful procedures. One that, while initially larger investments, can yield longer-lasting and more dramatic results.

If you’re addicted to getting “lunchtime” peels every few months, consider the Fraxel skin resurfacing laser instead. “I recommend three Fraxel laser treatments initially and then one treatment annually going forward to maintain the results,” says Dr. Jacono. Can’t afford the initial trio? One treatment a year will still provide deeper results than a peel.

Average price: $3,000. Total cost per year: $3,000 (vs. $2,000 for peels).

And how about a better option for the Botox addicts? You might consider a non-surgical lifting treatment like Ultherapy to smooth out wrinkles.
“Ultherapy is a beneficial investment for patients in their 30s and 40s, as it helps to lift tired eyes and drooping brows,” explains Dr. Jacono. “Additionally, Ultherapy will tighten lower eyelid bags, as well as drooping cheeks.”

Average price: $3,000. Total cost per year: $3,000 (vs. $1,275 for Botox).

When you do the math, you may find that you’d be better off upgrading your typical treatment — or, you may be so happy with your peels and injections that you plan to continue with them. Either way, the best investment you can make is to find a great dermatologist who will take the time to explain the pros and cons of all relevant treatment options.