By Arielle Sidrane

A new trend is popping up in the pet world involving the use of spa treatments to soothe medical conditions in animals. Just like their owners, pets are getting spa services like acupuncture, massages, and even laser therapy to alleviate symptoms of common pet illness such as arthritis and animal cancer. Here’s a quick breakdown of what each treatment can do for your pet:

Spa Treatments for Pets:

Acupuncture: This ancient form of healing is used to reduce inflammation and discomfort in pets who are having trouble walking. It can also be used on pets with cancer to manage the nausea that comes from chemotherapy.

Massage: Massage has a similar effect on pets as it does with people – it is used to help improve circulation, boost immunity and decrease pain. Some even say that dogs can benefit from the emotional wellness associated with massage.

Cold laser therapy: Cold laser therapy is performed on pets using a small, hand-held wand so that it can be targeted in small areas. This type of treatment is used in dogs recovering from surgery or those just suffering pain to help reduce swelling and stimulate lymphatic circulation.

The recent increase in vets recommending these treatments for animals is a good thing; Pet owners who can’t afford more expensive care options, like surgery, can still afford alternative forms of care for their pets. Sounds great, right? There’s really only one problem: Getting our furry friends to sit still for the treatments!