By Arielle Sidrane

It’s that time of year again…the highly anticipated Shark Week! Shark Week has been an international phenomenon since 1987, making it the longest running program event on cable (pretty impressive!).

With nail art being the biggest craze of 2012, you had to guess that some awesome designs would be created in honor of Shark Week. Here’s  the craziest one we found (via Pinterest, of course):

And for those of you who want to get in the Shark Week spirit, but don’t have the skill required to paint the cover of Jaws on your fingernails, why not try equally as festive, marbled ocean-theme nails (now there’s a trend we could get on-board with)!

For the Shark Week-obsessed spa-goers out there, don’t forget to re-visit the Five Reasons Spa Week is Better than Shark Week to get excited for the real best week of  the year (coming soon!) 😉

Tell us: Are you Shark Week-obsessed enough to deck out your nails for the occasion?