By Arielle Sidrane

It won’t be news to anyone that movie-theater popcorn, though delicious, is unhealthy. But new evidence is showing that this buttery treat is even worse than we imagined – and is affecting more than just our waistlines.

A recent study has linked the fake butter flavoring found on movie theater popcorn to Alzheimer’s disease. The butter-like topping known as diacetyl is the culprit; According to research, it can cause abnormal protein to clump in the brain, which is one of the main indicators of Alzheimer’s disease.

Let’s hone in on the term “butter-like” for a second: This “flavoring” isn’t even really food, so it’s no wonder that it’s not good for us. The popcorn alternatives aren’t much better, either. At well over 500 calories, many movie theater snacks are as dense as a full meal.

In order to save the pastime of movie theater snacking, we have a few tips. First, remember that sharing with a friend will lessen your calorie intake (and lighten the load on your wallet from paying for these extremely overpriced snacks). We also suggest you satisfy your snack urges with these less offensive, yet equally as delicious options:

3.1 oz box Sno Caps: 360 calories, 16g

3.5 oz box Raisinets: 380 calories, 16g fat

3 oz box Junior Mints: appx. 330 calories, 5g fat

Tell us: What’s your favorite movie theater snack? Will this new study make you less likely to eat popcorn?