“Once every fifty years, a vast palatial hall, filled with rows of velvet seats that stretch into the distance as far as the eye can see, plays host to the Epic of the Enchanted Garden. The celebration starts at dusk and continues all the way through until dawn…”

You might think this is the beginning of a very interesting children’s book. Instead, it’s a beauty product description on London/Moscow-based Rouge Bunny Rouge‘s website.

Victorian fairy tales and Tsarist aristocracy are the inspiration behind the “Enchanted Garden” theme. The products, packaging, and marketing all ooze femininity and magic. Butterflies and flowers decorate the online store that features products like Glassy Gloss, Blush Wand, and Deliquesce Make-up Melt Cleanser. Feel a little like Alice in Wonderland as you click through the site? So do we…

In fact, last night’s especially ethereal fairy-focused episode of True Blood is starting to make more sense after spending some time with Rouge Bunny Rouge. The products are all about fun and fantasy. That’s what beauty should be, right?

On the color side, the lip glosses and cream eye shadows get two thumbs up from us. On the skincare side, we adore the way the brand goes the extra mile with education. For example, here’s a visual guide to giving yourself a pampering lymphatic drainage massage with the brand’s cleanser. How cool is that?

You can browse the products on the Rouge Bunny Rouge website, or purchase via Beautyhabit.com.