Tucked away on a quiet New York City street lined with doctors’ and dentists’ offices is Luminesa — a cellulite-focused medispa offering a range of slimming services.

We personally tested two of them: Endermologie and a Sudatonic treatment, both available RIGHT NOW at the super-discounted rate of $50 each during Spa Week.

Endermologie was not new to us — we’ve heard of it before. It’s essentially a body massage using a device with a rolling and suction action to deeply massage connective tissue. Doing so is said to  minimize the appearance of cellulite. It doesn’t hurt (at least not at Luminesa) and felt like a deep tissue massage.

The Sudatonic treatment was very different, though. This is where you sweat out up to several inches under a special infrared heated blanket for 45 minutes. It’s like a body wrap, only you sweat WAY more. As long as you don’t mind the thought of getting sweaty (and laying still for 45 minutes), you’ll see results from this treatment, which Luminesa recommends clients schedule directly after an endermologie session. How does it work? According to Luminesa, the heat causes fat to be converted to fatty acids so it can then be used for energy by your muscles.

After just one of each treatment, we could swear our jeans do feel slightly looser. Either way, the experience gave us added confidence, and we’ll definitely be back for more!

Book your Spa Week treatment at Luminesa for October 15-21 Spa Week now before appointments run out. Let us know how you like it!