Has anyone else noticed the not-so-subtle effect that the changing of seasons can have on your skin? The transition from hot and humid to windy and chilly temperatures is especially difficult to adjust to and can leave you craving some skin stability. Thankfully, Clarins Skin Spa is offering the perfect solution during Spa Week — the choice of either a Moisture Replenisher Facial or Detox Shine Stopper Facial for $5o!

Whether your skin is dry and flaky and lacking shine, or shining like a diamond and in need of a calming, oil-reducing treatment, you can pick the best facial for your needs:

Moisture Replenisher Facial: “A rehydrating treatment to supply intense moisture to dehydrated skin. Nourishes and softens skin to revive and restore radiance.”

Detox Shine Stopper Facial: “An ideal treatment to gently rebalance combined or oily skin. Skin is perfectly clean, matte and healthy-looking. Skin texture is refined.”

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