Woman with beautiful legs

We’re big fans of Smooth Synergy here at Spa Week. And basically anything that makes us skinny.

Since woman has at least one area she wishes was thinner/smoother/tighter, we wanted to make sure you knew about the $50 Lipomassage deal for Spa Week!

Using a vacuum suction device not totally unlike endermologie treatments, a technician will massage areas of your body where you have excess fat or cellulite. The rolling and suction action of the machine feels like a deep massage, and the technician will only go as deep as you’re comfortable with, so rest assured: No pain involved!

So, what does it do? The pressure targets fat stores that have been resistant to diet and exercise, both smoothing cellulite on the surface and encouraging circulation and lymphatic drainage of deep fat. Sound good to you? We think so! We heard that local plastic surgeons even send their liposuction patients here to smooth out any lumps post-surgery. Some women see results after just one treatment, and others require follow-ups before noticing reductions in fat.

If you want to see for yourself, go ahead and book now before appointments run out! You also choose a 60-minute massage, pumpkin facial, laser hair removal for underarms/lip, or a SQOOM facial — a brand new-to-the-U.S. treatment — see it featured on the local news below! Enjoy:

Smooth Synergy’s Sqoom Spa Week treatment on the news: