By Bari Lieberman

I stepped inside this cottage-like beauty oasis for a 75-minute Divine Intervention Facial. It was my first time receiving a spa treatment at Artisans’ Salon and Day Spa and the service was as relaxing as it was rejuvenating.

Before hopping into the treatment, the aesthetician viewed my skin under an ultraviolet light to determine the most appropriate treatments and products. I wasn’t surprised to see the effects of years of sun-worshipping (the light illuminates UV-damage and freckels below skin’s surface) but was surprised that my skin also showed sings of dehydration, too.

The cleansing, exfoliating and rehydrating that followed was a much-needed break for my skin. The spa uses the natural and gentle line of Sircuit skincare products, which are especially great for sensitive skin. And the final customized mask — lychee was the ingredient of choice for my parched skin — left me glowing for hours.

While great skincare treatments are limited in Emmaus, the signature Divine Intervention Facial is a true local gem.

Bari Lieberman is the Senior Associate Fitness Editor at Prevention magazine in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. She’s covered beauty, health, and fitness for SELF magazine, Vital Juice, Men’s Health, and

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