If you’ve never been to Eau Spa at The Ritz Carlton Palm Beach, you’re in for a big treat. The stunning beachfront hotel (known for hosting very rich and very famous guests) has a spa that will make you feel rich and famous, too… if only for the day.

Valet your car, enjoy a light lunch overlooking the ocean, and head to Eau Spa for one of three relaxing $50 Spa Week treatments:

Let your guy have a haircut while you indulge in a champagne shimmer pedicure or detox slimming wrap. Or, spend the time together with a 45-minute couples villa rental — including DIY scrub kits for extra fun.

This Spa Week deal is perfect for anyone looking for a little extra luxury in her life. And for couples, it’s a great way to indulge in a day of excess at a top hotel — without the excessive price tag.

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