It’s hard not to notice Cate Blanchett’s impossibly pearly, clear skin in ads for SK-II skincare products. And in honor of National Sake Day on October 1, we wanted to bring you the interesting back story on this luxury brand. Hint: It has to do with sake.

Sake is good for your skin. SK-II began when scientists noticed that the elderly workers in a sake brewery in Japan had perfectly youthful, wrinkle-free hands — even if they had wrinkles elsewhere on their faces and bodies. Since their hands were in constant contact with the sake, the scientists theorized that something in it must be keeping the skin on their hands looking young. After years of research, they isolated what they call a “miracle” ingredient: PiteraTM. This naturally-derived liquid that’s created when the yeast in sake ferments is the main ingredients in all SK-II products.

If you’re planning to splurge on something from this high end line, three standouts include the Cellumination Essence EX and Cellumination Cream EX (hydrating, skin-evening daily youth boosters) and the Facial Clear Solution (a water-based moisturizer that regulates oilier skins).

More brands pay homage to sake, too. Fresh formulated it’s Sake Bath with over 38% sake, and one user on their website who added it to her bath swears, “My body instantly went calm and relaxed.” Not unlike how we feel after imbibing some real sake, right?

100% Pure uses sake in its Brightening Scrub & Mask. In fact, a lot of brands use sake-derived kojic acid for it’s brightening and skin-evening properties.

If you have freckles, age spots, or just need to brighten and even out your skin, it’s a good ingredient to look for for gentle, regular exfoliation.

We hope you found this information useful (and found an excuse to indulge in some sake — it’s good for your skin!).

Let us know in the comments how you’ll be celebrating National Sake Day… and if you’ve tried or love any of the products we mentioned here.