When curly-haired stylist Lorraine Massey opened Devachan Salon, it was the launch of a small beauty empire. The successful NYC salon specializing in curls quickly expanded into a successful product line, and before long the business expanded again to include a full-service spa, Deva Spa.

The tranquil space offers any type of spa service you can imagine — and during Spa Week, we hand-picked 3 popular ones that you can book for just $50. Choose from a pumpkin enzyme facial (great for dull, uneven skin), microdermabrasion (for general smoothing and brightening), or a manicure/pedicure using Gehwol products (which address serious footcare concerns and leave your feet looking and feeling fabulous).

The Brazilian-born nail tech team takes an unusual approach to manicures and pedicures when it comes to applying polish. In order to ensure accurate, complete coverage, they paint the polish all the way onto the cuticles surrounding each nail — and then carefully remove the excess by tracing the nail exterior with an orange stick dipped in polish remover. The result is polish with perfect borders and (the spa promises) longer-lasting lacquer than with traditional methods.

Whichever service you choose, you’re guaranteed a relaxing, expert treatment in experienced hands. A big bonus: The salon is in the middle of SoHo, so out-of-towners will have plenty of cafes and shopping to entertain you after your appointment!

Click here or on any of the 3 $50 Spa Week treatments below for more info or to book:

FUN FACT: We ended up getting engaged after our Deva Spa manicure! See a picture of the ring (and the expert nail polish job) here.