The motto at Laser Cosmetica is “We obsess so you won’t have to.” After testing out their microdermabrasion treatment, we couldn’t agree more: Our skin is glowing, clear, and free of flaws.

The treatment began with a quick but thorough skin diagnosis: A few blackheads, a few sun spots, both of which would easily be exfoliated away by the treatment. The aesthetician then applied a gentle foaming cleanser “chock full of antioxidants like pomegranate, green tea and olive extracts” to give our skin a healthy dose of vitamins.

The sensation of the microdermabrasion machine, a vacuum-like device which exfoliates your skin via small crystals, felt like a light suction. The aesthetician made sure to adjust the intensity to our skin type, and proceeded to run the machine over our face first using horizontal strokes, then vertical strokes, in order to ensure all areas were covered. It was painless and took about 30 minutes.

Following the treatment, she gently removed the blackheads, which “usually come out easily after the microdermabrasion.” Well, she was right! We were shocked to find that not a single pesky spot remained, and even more surprised that our skin showed no sign of irritation and we could return to work right away.

The aesthetician advised us not to wear makeup for at least a few hours because, “The pores are open from the treatment and will absorb products.” Another tip: Wear sunscreen for at least 2 weeks (although, as we were dutifully reminded, you should always wear SPF!) since the fresh layer of skin is more susceptible to sunburn.

This treatment is great for a quick skin pick-me-up and will leave you looking refreshed and glowing. After this treatment we’re the ones obsessed – with Laser Cosmetica!

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