Spa Week is a great time to try a new spa service, especially laser treatments (which we all know can be pricy). We’re lucky to work with some of the best spas in the industry, like Serene Max Laser Spa in Manhattan. Here are a few tips from Daria, Serene Max’s lead esthetician, on how to pick the best laser treatment for you. Follow this guide to ensure your spa follows the industry standard procedures that will keep you safe and ensure you leave happy:

1. Ask: Is There a Doctor In the House?
Spas offering Laser Hair Removal, Botox, and other medical treatments should have a doctor or nurse on site to either administer treatments or oversee proper training of the staff.

2. Ask: What’s My Skin Type
According to Daria, many women believe they have a different skin type than they really do. When it comes to laser treatments, using the correct machine setting for your skin is extremely important. Luckily, most experienced estheticians will be able to diagnose your skin type just by sight. But be sure to communicate with your esthetician to be sure you’re on the same page.

3. Ask: What Are the Possible Side Effects?
Just about every consent form will make your treatment sound deadly — but a spa that discloses all of those potential (but very rare) risks is just doing its job to protect you. Beware of any service that’s sold to you without any precautions, questions, or possible side effects mentioned. Most of them are minimal (e.g. redness for a few hours), but should be discussed openly.

4. Ask: How Long Will It Take to See Results?
If you have a wedding or event coming up, or just want to know when to expect results, be sure to ask this question. Daria explains that while photo and laser facials can get rid of brown spots almost completely, for the first few days after treatment they’ll actually appear darker before they begin to fade, making it crucial to time treatments right depending on your schedule.

5. Ask: Do You Offer Refer-A-Friend Promos?
Many spas will offer you a credit if you refer a friend, so be sure to ask if yours has a similar program going on. It can save you money — and help introduce your friends and family to a great new treatment.

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