You do your best to be sun-smart. Wear SPF, avoid tanning beds like the plague and never spend prolonged periods outside uncovered. We’d like to give a virtual high-five to everyone who keeps their glow faux by sticking to safer spray tans and lotions. Making healthy decisions is the way to be!

However, all spray tans are not created equal — and orange-y, streaky, and otherwise unsightly jobs are not what we’re going for when we book a treatment. Here we’ve broken down some of history’s most painstaking spray tan disasters (and of course thrown in a solution!).

Spray Tan Mishap: Uneven Results

Lindsay Lohan is one of the most infamously fake-baked celebrities of our time — she even has her own line of tanning products. But this natural redhead and her beautiful pale skin require expert application, as going more than a few shades darker can lead to uneven results — especially as your tan begins to fade. If your skin is naturally pale like Lindsay’s don’t attempt to self-tan at home. Consult a pro who can mix a custom airbrush shade to compliment your skin.

Solution: Package of Two Full Body Spray Tans at Bare Skin & Laser in Pleasantville, NY.

Spray Tan Mishap: Orange Tones

Business mogul Donald Trump may have a knack for success in the corporate world, but we think his choice of bronzer could use a few pointers. Whether this was a case of excessive (and unmatched) bronzer or just a very unnatural self-tanning product, this tanning Don’t can easily be fixed by outsourcing to an airbrushing pro.

Solution: 50 Minute Sugar Scrub with All Natural Spray Tan at The Spa at Boncaldo’s in Quincy, MA.

Spray Tan Mishap: A Freaky Color

Many self-tan formulas contain slight green tints to counteract the dreaded orange tone (see above). But if you venture out on the town while wearing it, just beware of what those green tints and fluorescent lighting can do. Avoid this by tanning in advance with a customized airbrush formula — It lasts up to a week.

Solution: Three Monthly Sessions of Organic Airbrush Tanning at Skin Care by Klara in Scottsdale, AZ.

Spray Tan Mishap: Leaky, Streaky Bronzer

We love Christina (check out what Spa Week treatment we’d recommend for her), and can’t blame the singer for choosing to self-tan before stepping on stage in this skin-baring ensemble. But another risk of wearing your self-tanner in public is demonstrated here — If you sweat,  the bronzer will streak down your legs!. Avoid this by planning in advance with a long-lasting airbrush tan, and be sure to wash off the bronzer before hitting the stage.

Solution: Custom Airbrush Tan and Aqua Foot Detox Combo at Wrapped in Wellness.

Spray Tan Mishap: Overdoing It

“The One with Ross’ Tan” episode has become a Friends legend (and happens to be one our personal favorite episodes). Lesson one: When you are fair skinned, and have never tried spray tanning before, avoid self-service spray tan booths, which can create unpredictable results. If you do choose to use one, ALWAYS go for a level one. ALWAYS. Lesson two: Just let an expert airbrush you instead — it’s much easier than attempting a DIY tanning situation.

Solution: Bake’s All-Natural Infinity Sun Spray Tan at Bake Spray Tanning in New York, NY.

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