Is it her genes? A healthy diet? A longtime relationship with stylist Chris McMillan?

We’ve speculated for years about why Jennifer Aniston can maintain such healthy hair through constant blow-dries, styling, and bleaching. But now we may finally have some proof of why she always looks so great. Or Living Proof, to be exact.

Aniston just became part owner of and spokesperson for Living Proof, the revolutionary haircare brand founded by MIT professor Dr. Robert Langer and Polaris Venture Partners, a venture capital firm that specializes in translating scientific discoveries into useful everyday products.

The line launched in 2009 with it’s debut product, No Frizz, and has since become a staple on Sephora shelves with many new innovations tackling every hair issue from thin strands to hair that won’t hold a style.

We tested their most recent launch, Prime, a style-extending leave-in that helps your hair maintain a blowout, curls, or whatever it is you choose to do with it (It works. Read about it here).

Congratulations to Aniston for making a bold move and joining such an exciting¬† brand. We think it’s pretty cool that Aniston has such diverse business endeavors — from her own film production company to this new partnership with Living Proof. We can’t think of many actresses better to represent a haircare brand.