We’ve all had that moment when a quick brow touch-up leads to a full-blown brow disaster. And that’s precisely why brow experts like Ramy have become so popular — brow shaping isn’t easy!

But let’s be honest — even after a shaping with a pro, there are still going to be those inevitable times that we attempt to tweeze between appointments. So we asked the eyebrow and beauty guru to share four simple rules we can all follow to avoid problems:

1. Over-plucking is the enemy.
Over-plucking happens when we obsess over individual strays instead of looking at the bigger picture. “People tend to remove too much and then, in an attempt to correct the over-tweezing, they remove more and disaster ensues,” Ramy explains. Sound familiar? Ramy recommends taking a step back from the mirror to look at brows as a whole vs. zeroing in on each hair close-up. And remember his motto: “When in doubt, don’t pluck it out!”

2. Don’t rush!
“I can’t tell you how many times clients come to me with misshapen brows, chunks of hair missing, and explain ‘I was running out the door and decided to clean up my brows…’” says Ramy. While it should go without saying, Ramy reminds us again, “You only tweeze when you are not in a rush and can focus on the task at hand.”

3. Mind the gap.
The tricky task of shaping the inside corners of brows often results in a very common faux pas: Brows that are too far apart. The dreaded center gap is the result of removing too much hair from the inside corners of eyebrows, and here’s why it usually happens: “Many people don’t know how to address the front of their eyebrows if the hair grows in different directions,” explains Ramy. “They end up removing the whole area.” Don’t make this mistake! If you have hairs growing in different directions, put down the tweezers and simply trim the hairs that extend outside of the borders.

4. Easy on the arch.
Another classic mistake is leaving the inner corners (the fullest portion of the brow) intact, “But then scooping out the area immediately next to the front,” Ramy explains. This creates uneven, over-exaggerated arches that never look natural (and we all know someone with these brows). Avoid removing too much of the lower border of your brows to create an arch, and trim the tops of your brows at the inner corner to remove a little fullness and make them more even with the rest of your brows.

The New York Times calls Ramy the “Brow Wizard to the stars,” due to his ability to perfectly shape brows, dramatically lifting the eye. His philosophy is “Minimum makeup, Maximum impact!” and his RAMY products are a favorite of celebrities and beauty editors alike. To book an eyebrow sculpting or makeup appointment, you can visit Ramy Spa in NYC.