Unfortunately, Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year. Yuck. But we’re not willing to let that ruin our fun!

We’re still planning on dressing up in a cute costume, eating some candy, and thoroughly enjoying everything this holiday has to offer. There’s just one problem: Thursday morning.

Putting your game face on for a big meeting, class or work event the morning after a night out certainly poses a beauty challenge. Tired, puffy eyes are a dead giveaway to anyone that you’re completely exhausted, and besides — you already used that “I was up all night watching reruns of The Golden Girls” excuse last year. Luckily, we have two great tricks to camouflage the damage. Here’s what you’ll need to look fresh-faced, bright-eyed, and ready to face the day after Halloween:

De-Puffing Eye Mask from Huda Beauty

1 Small Cucumber

½ Small Potato

1 Teaspoon Mashed Avocado

Puree potato. Add cucumber and puree together. Remove one tablespoon of the mixture, and add mashed avocado. Place on eyes and let sit for 15 minutes.

Each ingredient in this eye mask will work wonders for your tired skin! The cucumber cools and de-puffs, the potato brightens and erases dark circles while the avocado hydrates dry skin. We think we’ve found the perfect solution for an early morning following a long night.

Caffeine Eye Bag Fix from Viva Woman

2 Tablespoons Ground Coffee Powder

2 Tablespoons Green Tea Leaves

2 Disposable Tea Bags

Mix coffee powder and green tea leaves. Evenly distribute mixture into the two tea bags. Steep in steaming hot water for two minutes. Squeeze out the excess water and let tea bags dry. Chill in the fridge and then place over eyes.

Caffeine will reduce puffiness and increase circulation and help reduce dark circles. Tannind found in the green tea help to tighten the skin around the eyes. This DIY will banish tired eyes in no time.