One of the biggest nights of the year (if not THE biggest night) to hit the town and reunite with old friends is Thanksgiving Eve. A lot of preparation goes into making sure you look and feel your best when it comes time to reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a while. It seems surreal, but Thanksgiving Eve is just one week away – Time to start getting ready!

If you’re from the LA area or are heading to Hollywood for Turkey Day, prep for Thanksgiving Eve at Stasi’s Skin with this perfect batch of spa deals:

  • $17.50 Eyebrow Wax: Every woman knows that perfectly plucked brows are the key to a balanced, well-defined face. This is one step in your beauty routine that you definitely do not want to miss.
  • $48 Teeth Whitening Session: No one has to know you had a stressful month at work by the red wine stains left on your teeth. Instantly brighten up your entire look with this easy, painless procedure leaving your teeth shades whiter!
  • $63 Diamond Tone Microdermabrasion: Erase pores and sun damage from your skin with a session of diamond tone microdermabrasion. It’ll look like no time has passed since you last saw your friends – just like you hoped.

Not from LA? There are hundreds of spa deals going on nationwide all month long.  Book them now so you can look your best for the holidays!