The big day is almost here! Ideally Thanksgiving Day will be all smiles and fun: Eating pumpkin pie, laughing with friends, watching the parade, trying new foods and catching up with relatives you probably haven’t seen in a while. Everything is peachy until later that evening when you groggily wake up from your food coma thinking: “What have I done?!”

Of course you want to eat everything on Thanksgiving — and you should! That’s a huge part of what this holiday is all about. But here are some tips that might help you feel better that evening and help you indulge without the unnecessary guilt:

Don’t Show Up Starving: Showing up to Thanksgiving with an empty stomach is a tempting option, but it’s not the right thinking. Eat breakfast so you don’t over-do it on the appetizers before the Thanksgiving meal even starts. You know you’re going to try everything, but having some food in your stomach before you arrive will help you not eat too much too soon.

Sweat First: Exercising the morning of will rev up your metabolism for the day to help you burn that meal off even quicker. Plus, you’ll be more mindful of what you eat because you’ve already done atleast one good thing for your body that day and set the tone to treat yourself well.

Sleep: With plenty of sleep to rest your system you’ll make better choices about which foods to eat and more importantly how much of them you really want (as opposed to just mindlessly going back to the stuffing for third and fourth helpings).

Drink Water: Wine and soda might be tempting, but go for water with your dinner. Not only is it filling, but there will be plenty of sweet and savory flavors coming from the actual meal to please your palette – no need to overdo it with sweet drinks, too. Plus, water is great for your skin, too.

Walk It Off: Take an afternoon stroll in between dinner and dessert – the perfect way to enjoy the fall weather, spend time catching up with family members and get your body moving to help digest between courses!