Hosting Thanksgiving dinner is quite the expense in itself, without the added burden of decorating your home for the occasion, too. But a sweetly adorned table shows that you really care about the occasion and the overall experience that your guests have – and it doesn’t need to set you back, either. We’ve searched the vast expanse of the internet and uncovered some easy decorations you can make with things you have at home (or with a quick, cheap trip to Michaels!) that will instantly spruce up the feel of your Turkey Day celebration.

Fall Center Piece from Rachael Ray

Ornate centerpieces can often cost hosts a pretty penny – but not this season! Use a glass cake stand to create this simple yet elegant looking centerpiece. Fill the dome of the cake stand with pinecones, nuts, mini pumpkins and gourds, fall colored leaves – whatever you associate with the season. Then put the bottom of the cake stand over the filled dome, flip over, and voila! Easiest (and probably cheapest!) centerpiece ever!

Autumn Leaf Table Runner from

Walk away from the home goods section at Macy’s – this year you can avoid costly table runners. All you need to make this adorable addition to your tabletop is a roll of cellophane from your pantry and some leaves from your yard! Simply lay out cellophane, spray with adhesive and lay out the leaves in whatever design you like. Cover with more cellophane and you have a cute, totally original table runner!

Candles and Pumpkins from Tiny Prints

This Thanksgiving, think outside the box. Tiny prints came up with a range of easy and chic ways to decorate that you’ll love! Forego the usual orange and spray paint some mini pumpkins white to arrange around the house – it offers up a sleek and sophisticated edge. Another favorite idea – filling a square vase with corn kernels and a colored candle to make a festive light for your table. Both are easy and you probably have everything you need at home to do it!

Napkin Holders from Inspire Bohemia

No need to polish the heavy silver napkin rings – these ones are just as festive and keep with the relaxed tone of the holiday. We’re definitely going to run to Michael’s for a spool of printed ribbon to recreate this idea! Whether it be a thoughtful saying like this example from Inspire Bohemia, a cute holiday print or just a festive color, ribbons are a simple way to display your napkins that add a touch of class and creativity to your table.

Make one or make them all – your guests will no doubt appreciate the thought you put into planning this year!