Are your pores in need of some attention? We sent a Spa Week staffer to test the Holiday Glow Facial with Pomegranate-Cranberry Antioxidant Treatment at Faina European Day Spa. See if this treatment lived up to its promise of delivering clear, glowing skin!

From Spa Week staffer Kaitlin:
One of the worst things about winter weather? Dull winter skin. I tried just about everything from peels to hydrating facials to get back the glow, but nothing seemed to do the trick. I knew that Faina had a reputation for providing great skincare, so I decided to give their new seasonal facial a try.

When I arrived, Laura, my esthetician and new best friend, wasted no time getting to work. This facial started with all of the basics: cleansing, exfoliating, steam and extractions. After that, two masks were applied; One with aloe to calm redness and inflammation and one with cranberry to brighten and plump. Since each facial is tailored to your individual skin type, mine concluded with a collagen treatment, LED light (to help the product penetrate) and oxygen blast.

During the facial, I discovered another great perk of Faina: Skincare lessons are included with your service. Laura advised on what type of products are best for my skin, what treatments I should do, and how often. (Note to self: Skincare routines need to be tweaked just about every season, so remember to switch it up!). Laura also pointed out a better way to apply products, and I learned that massaging in skin creams helps boost their efficacy. I left with plenty of knew skincare knowlege, as well as that glowing, dewy post-facial complexion we all love. –KS

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