Midtown Manhattan is full of high-rise buildings. In any of them, you’d expect to find a doctor’s or dentist’s office. But how about a spa?

On the fourth floor of 330 West 58th Street, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Faina European Day Spa (pronounced fah-EE-nah) has been quietly tucked away in a corner of this commercial and residential building for 25 years. 25 years! There is no glittery sign, no decorated windows, no pomp and circumstance whatsoever. This is a word-of-mouth type of spa, and its low-profile location makes it ideal for some low-key weeknight pampering.

The building’s residents will gladly point you in the direction of Faina if you tell them you’re looking for “the spa” in the elevator. But we’ll give you directions: Enter at 330 West 58th street, and make a right at the front desk. Pass the first elevators and find the 2nd set around the corner. That’s the “Faina express” to the 4th floor.

When you arrive at this tiny hideaway, you’ll find there are already several business women from offices nearby who are in on the secret. They know they can stop by Faina for a reliable, long-lasting manicure, or an after-work massage to de-stress from a long week.

If you live or work in midtown, take advantage of our monthly specials at Faina, or save on services by paying with a Spa & Wellness Gift Card. Faina accepts them, and right now we’re having a buy one, get one 30% off sale. Click here to take advantage, and consider that holiday gift for your boss or coworker officially crossed off your list.