Looking for the secret to relaxation, serenity, and pure bliss? It might just be behind that hidden door you keep on missing… Hidden Door MedSpa, that is. Not to worry, Texans, because we have the key – and this month you can unlock it for a lot cheaper than usual.

Hidden Door offers basic spa services like massages as well as medspa services like liposuction, tattoo removal and everything in between. Essentially, its a one-stop shop for all of your wellness and cosmetic needs.  This month, Hidden Door MedSpa is offering three special spa deals to customers to help alleviate some stress before the new year:

  • $50 60 Min Swedish Massage with 1 upgrade (reg. $80): Perfect to relieve the tension and stress buildup that’s so common this time of year. Plus, hydrate your skin with an illuminating almond treatment for hands or feet!
  • $45 60 Min Farm House Fresh Facial (reg. $65): In the midst of a cold winter, there’s no better time for a facial to help your radiant skin shine through. This cleansing and exfoliating treatment will leave you with healthy glowing skin.
  • $75 40 Min Redness Neutralizer Treatment (reg. $110): Never feel self-conscious again after this skin-perfecting treatment. Eliminate red spots for smooth, more even-toned skin — just in time for all of your holiday gatherings.

If you’re in Texas or will be for the holidays, we’d highly recommend taking advantage of the great values and scheduling one of these deals! Make it an even better deal when you buy one of our Spa & Wellness Gift Cards on sale, which are accepted at Hidden Door! Don’t wait, Book now!