If you ask a beauty editor what her favorite skincare products are, you’ll get a long list. But at least one product on that list will likely be from Dermalogica.

UK-born esthetician Jane Wurwand opened the International Dermal Institute in 1983 after realizing that proper education courses for skincare professionals were lacking in America. Then, she created the Dermalogica products in 1986 after realizing that there was a lack of proper skincare options on the market, too.

The Institute has since grown into 32 locations worldwide offering education programs to skincare professionals.  And the Dermalogica Academy in NYC goes a step beyond by serving the public, too: Aside from a retail center offering the complete Dermalogica product line, customers can also book comprehensive skincare services from undergraduate students enrolled at the skincare academy.

Here’s the cool thing about the Academy skincare services: They’re free! OK, not all of them are, but some are, and the rest are very affordable.

There are three tiers of skincare treatments price-wise. You can receive a basic skin analysis and product recommendations free of charge, so anytime you feel lost and in need of some skincare direction, stop by and chat to an expert. (Not in NYC? Dermalogica retail stores nationwide offer these basic consultations as well.) As for the Academy-exclusive services, you can get a range of specific “microZone®” treatments (think a quick exfoliation or blackhead fix) for $20 each, or opt for a full 60-minute treatment (for face or back) for just $50.

The hour-long treatment is fully customized to your skin’s needs, and includes extractions and a Galvanic current application, which helps tighten pores and control oil production.

What to expect: You’ll relax in a communal room featuring a row of white leather treatment chairs, ambient music, and soft, dim lighting. It feels like a futuristic spa, and the academy students conducting the treatments are well-trained and professional. In fact, a teacher conducts a 2nd analysis of every client to ensure the treatment protocol determined by the student is on-target.

We love this go-to skincare spa for affordable treatments when Spa Week isn’t in session (though we do have spa deals year-round). And we love the products, too! See a few of our favorites below:

Special Cleansing Gel: A smooth, slippery gel cleanser that’s actually moisturizing.

Daily Microfoliant: A gentle, foaming rice grain cleanser/scrub with enzyme action.

UltraCalming Mist: A calming, moisturizing spritz for sensitive skin.

Get more information on the Dermalogica Academy, or find a Dermalogica retail location near you.