The world was supposed to end in 2012…and miraculously, it didn’t! Second chances do exist. All those things you did wrong in 2012 – forgetting to work out, eating ice cream for dinner, tumultuous all-nighters – there’s definitely room for improvement. And of course the New Year is a time to set goals and refocus.  2013 is all about you…a better you that is! This year, it’s our resolution at Spa Week to support YOU in living a healthier life. To jump-start the year, we’ve put together our A Better You Giveaway – to help five winners each improve one important aspect of daily living.

Here are the five prizes up for grabs:

Indulge in a healthier diet in 2013. Cleanse and detox are two key words we’ll be hearing a lot more of this year. Forego expensive designer programs and make it a DIY with a Breville Juice Fountain® Plus! Juicing is especially beneficial for those who don’t enjoy the taste of fruits and vegetables – your body will still absorb the essential nutrients, and you won’t have to suffer through eating a carrot. Juicing makes digestion easier and can help with weight loss – definitely a positive addition to any healthy diet!

It’s the little things. Never step out of the house sans red carpet worthy manicure again – and no, it won’t cost you $30 every other week either! Gel manicures are beautiful, but they can often be costly and time consuming. Eliminate both problems with a NaiLuv™ Professional Gel Nail Polish Kit! Gorgeous, long lasting manicures just became DIY, and you can do it all while catching up on the latest episode of GIRLS or chatting with your family.

If falling asleep or staying asleep is a problem for you…this is your prize. Sleep peacefully every night with help from a Sound Oasis® Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System and Pure Matters® Rest Easy Sleep Supplements. A better quality of sleep has important benefits for your health and mood – it will help you de-stress, boosts your memory and might even help with that weight loss resolution. A luxury sound machine and wholesome sleep supplements provide an unbeatable combination to rid you of your bedtime woes once and for all.

What makes you feel more on top of the world than getting in a good sweat?! Even if you do nothing else all day, it’s easy to feel accomplished after a great workout. With a full year’s membership to Crunch Gym, it will be easy to establish solid exercise habits this year. A surefire way to boost your mood, appearance and health … and with a free year, all excuses go out the window! The benefits of getting in shape will last you far beyond 2013.

Escape (just for a little while!) for some rejuvenation and relaxation to start off the New Year. A 3-night stay for two at the Hyatt Regency Newport Hotel & Spa complete with luxurious accommodations, upscale dining and soothing spa treatments might be just what you need to start the New Year with a balanced mind and body. After the hectic holiday season, there’s no better time to enjoy a brief break from reality where relaxing is all you have to worry about!

PLUS: Each winner will receive a $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week® for a little extra boost of wellness to kick off the New Year!

Start off 2013 the right way – visit or our Facebook page now through January 31st for your chance to win!