As a part of January’s A Better You Giveaway, we are challenging our readers to put our five ideals for improved well-being into action. To help you “Feel Better,” we got some tips from Patricia Moreno, Spa Week’s Empowered Living Expert.

There really is potential to make this your best year ever, but it’s not just going to happen on its own!  You need to take the steps to get there. According to Patricia, “if you want to feel good, make a commitment: Feeling good is your #1 priority.  Stop doing what doesn’t feel good and commit to uplifting your mood and your attitude one day at a time.” Try these 3 tips from Patricia for improving your attitude, and starting to “Feel Better” this year:

Tip #1: Start Each Phone Call with Good News

If you love to call your friends and talk about how someone did you wrong, how fat you feel or what you don’t like about someone, change it. Decide to only talk about what is good in your life. Start every call by saying, “tell me what’s good with you?”

Tip #2: Turn Off the News

If the first thing you do when you get home is turn on the TV to catch up on CNN (constant negative news): refuse! Don’t worry, if the world is ending, someone will call you to tell you about it! When you watch the news, it fills your mind with fear, anxiety or sadness over the state of the world, and you can’t help but feel disconnected from your natural feeling of joy and gratitude. You will wake up in the same state of mind you drifted off to sleep in, so never let the last thing you hear at night be negative news.

Tip #3: Make Love, Not Gossip

So often we connect with our friends by telling each other how bad we have it. Often we feel ashamed to talk about what’s good, What if it sounds like we are bragging? We usually end up gossiping about other people or crying on our friend’s shoulder about how we have been hurt, and never share what is going well.  Make a 30 day commitment to refuse to gossip. Instead be willing to share what’s going good with you, and find out what positive things are happening with your friends, too!

Check back throughout January for more tips on feeling better from Patricia Moreno!

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