All it takes is one wrinkle, dark circle, or other imperfection, and I’ll grab the most potent cream I can find and slather it on without even glancing at the ingredients. Sound familiar?

Last week, I started using a very intense anti-aging eye cream after noticing that my eyes looked tired as the result of a marathon cold I haven’t been able to kick. I thought it would exfoliate, plump, and moisturize, and I’d wake up with fresh-looking eyes. Instead, I woke up with red, puffy lids.

Aside from having sensitive skin to begin with, my eyes simply didn’t need half of the chemicals in the cream — nor did my skin take to them very well. So I switched to a more natural formula and tried 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream.

This brand uses organic and natural ingredient whenever possible, even formulating its color cosmetics with fruit pigments. With many high-end brands like Tata Harper and Josie Maran now trending toward the “natural” end of the ingredient spectrum, it certainly seemed worth trying.

The eye cream felt gentle and moisturizing, and I didn’t get any redness or puffiness from using it. Thanks to circulation-boosting and antioxidant ingredients like caffeine and green tea, the skin around my eyes did look brighter and moisturized right away after using it.

At $19 for a pretty generous tube, I’d say this one is a no-brainer purchase. But a warning: It’s a gateway product. Since using it, I’ve become very curious about the rest of the line, and am already a fan of the Cherry Honey Facial Scrub and fantastically sugary body scrubs.

Editor’s Note: Looking better is one of the five themes in our January A Better You giveaway. It inspired me to try this new product, since I’m not eligible to win the 5 fabulous prizes in the promo. But you are! So hurry up and enter here.