FAN1002996As a part of January’s big “A Better You” Giveaway, we are challenging our readers to put our five ideals for improved well-being into action. To help you “Live Better” we’ve enlisted our resident Joyology expert, Dashama, for some valuable advice. This month, we’re sharing ten of her best happiness tips with you to help make 2013 your best year ever – and challenge you to incorporate them into your daily lifestyle! Check out Dashama’s past tips here.

Tip #3: Herbal Remedies

I believe strongly in supplementation. I have come to know that a deficiency in some of the major nutrients can lead to depression, regardless of what else we attempt to do to remedy this. I take D3, Zinc, Vitamin C, magnesium & 5HTP on a regular basis. These are known to improve the mood and promote serotonin production. I prefer chewable or organic versions, and I take them frequently.

Herbal tea is another supplement we can easily include in our daily diet to improve health and boost happiness, by decreasing stress and increasing blood flow and natural energy. I prefer chamomile for stress relief and relaxation. For energy I love yerba mate and chai with stevia and almond milk.

Coffee can help too if you are not too sensitive and if you consume in moderation. The increase in heart rate can shift your mood and motivate you to exercise or at least go for a walk outside.

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