Pure Matters is our go-to for wholesome, natural vitamins and supplements. Pure Matters is a  company committed to holistic wellness, by offering pure-balanced solutions proven to enhance the quality of your life. Yep, seems right up our alley. That’s why we chose Pure Matters Rest Easy supplements as one of our must-have prizes for the A Better You Giveaway. Read all about it below…

Sleeping doesn’t always come the way you imagine it should, especially as we get older. We’re all well aware that we need sleep in order to function (and to avoid an endless stream of coffee and Red Bull). Sleeping well, however, has more value than you thought. Besides the natural restorative properties of sleep, being well-rested enhances your ability to fight stress, make better nutrition decisions, and can enhance your mood. It’s that important.

And that’s where Pure Matters comes in. Pure Matters Rest Easy supplements combine natural neurotransmitter precursors with Melatonin, in a slowly dissolving capsule that allows you to sleep longer. These natural, wholesome supplements will help you to fall asleep quicker and wake-up feeling more refreshed than ever.

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