Photo by Zach Dischner Via

Photo by Zach Dischner Via

As a part of January’s big “Better You” Giveaway, we are challenging our readers to put our five ideals for improved well-being into action. To help you “Live Better” we’ve enlisted our resident Joyology expert, Dashama, for some valuable advice. This month, we’re sharing ten of her best happiness tips with you to help make 2013 your best year ever – and challenge you to incorporate them into your daily lifestyle! Check out Dashama’s past tips here.

Tip #4: Meditation

Meditation is a powerful medicine of the mind, and has saved my life on many occasions. When we get caught in negative thinking, our energy and mood can spiral downward and that leads to a plethora of experiences that are far from joyful and happy.

To Zen out, quiet the mind, focus on the breath and on the love and gratitude in life. My preference is visualization meditations, but even just silent meditation or japa mala can be profound. I teach inner child healing meditations that guide my students and clients through a process to release old traumas that can be holding them back from joy. This is a powerful option I strongly encourage.

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