Going to Bliss Spa for a mental retreat is nothing new. Slip us into a comfy robe and hand us a brownie and we’re officially “centered.”

But the spa teamed up with life coach and spiritual guru Gabrielle Bernstein for the launch of her new book, May Cause Miracles, and launched a limited-edition meditation-themed manicure at select Bliss Spa locations to celebrate.

What to expect during the Meditation Mani: Listen to a guided meditation by Gabrielle Bernstein while you indulge in a manicure, including a hot cream hand soak, file, cuticle clipping, and polish. The 30-minute treatment costs $25, the same as a traditional Hot Cream Manicure at Bliss.

Interested? Call your local Bliss Spa to see if they’re offering this treatment. Learn more here.