It looks like Katie Holmes is, unbeknownst to her, becoming the face of a hot new beauty trend – and it’s one that might make a few of you out there cringe. According to the Daily Mail, it seems that Katie’s ever-ageless appearance could be the result of face creams derived from snail’s slime.

The extract is called mucin – and while it’s been a popular skincare ingredient in other countries for a while, it’s suddenly becoming a beauty superstar in the U.S. Brands like Missha and Dr. Jart+ have launched their own mucin-containing products, the latter now available on a Sephora shelf near you.

The Scoop: It appears that snail gel is effective at treating acne, reducing scarring, hyperpigmentation, and even wrinkle appearance. The mix of proteins and elastin in the complex offer soothing, regenerating and healing properties to skin.

Intrigued? If you can get past the term “snail slime” (we’re not sure if we can), Dr. Jart+’s Premium Time Returning Serum contains 77% snail mucin, and seems to be the front-runner product in this category.

Would you  try it?