A List by Essie

Celebrity manicurist Jade Morales splits her time between two high-end windy city salons: George the Salon Chicago and The Spa at the Four Seasons. Her previous gig as a manicurist for Oprah’s HARPO Studios helped her rise to fame and develop a roster of big-name clients. We asked her to share the 5 biggest nail trends for the season since, well, she would know!

Feast your eyes on some must-try nail ideas…

1. Red Carpet Trend: Classic Reds and Vamps
You’ve probably noticed all the celebrities with classic red nails lately, and they won’t be stopping anytime soon — it’s red carpet season! “With the Oscars coming up, we will be seeing a mix of more classic looks on celebrities such as reds and dark colors,” says Morales. “Essie makes a beautiful shade of red called A List, which is a classic, and a great dark shade, Velvet Voyage.”

No Place Like Chrome by Essie

2. Street Trend: Metallic
“No Place like Chrome by Essie is a great metallic silver that clients just love,” Morales told us. Try it when you’re craving something sparkly.

3. Salon Trend: Plum
Feeling purple? “Essie Luxedo is a favorite in the salon due to its striking deep hue,” Morales says.

4. New-Again Trend: French Manicure
This one is gaining popularity again. “I always use Essie’s base coat followed by one coat of Adore-a-Ball by Essie as the pink, then Blanc by Essie for the tip,” Morales shared. After that, “Apply another coat of Adore-a-Ball and finish with Seche Vite top coat.”

I’m With the Band by NCLA

5. Celebrity Trend: Coral
“Beyonce just rocked her nails out with NCLA’s I’m with the Band, which is a deep coral/orange polish. If you can’t find it near you, there are a few other colors similar to it that I would choose, like Macbeth by butter LONDON or Not So Safe Orange, a limited edition shade by Le Métier De Beauté.”

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