Super Bowl recipes are basically synonymous with fatty, greasy foods. How cruel of the NFL to place this holiday the first weekend in February, right when we’re in the thick of keeping our New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier?!

This year we want to help you keep the healthy eating momentum going — without having to hold back at your Super Bowl bash. You won’t have a grease hangover Monday morning if you spend Sunday night snacking on these lighter versions of Super Bowl favorites:

Low Fat Guacamole

Most of the dips you’ll find at a football party are loaded with fatty cheese and sour cream. Opt for guacamole instead, to enjoy an equally creamy and satisfying dip that offers up a dose of healthy fat! This recipe from Women’s Health packs even less fat than usual by subtly substituting some frozen green beans into the mix.

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Zucchini Crostini

This twist on a classic crostini uses healthy zucchini as a main ingredient. Serious Eats modified this recipe to include just a little bit of parmesan cheese for maximum flavor with less fat. The perfect finger food to add some crunch to your table!

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Green Beans in a Blanket

Pigs in a blanket are a game day staple…but did you know that just ONE of those little guys can contain up to six grams of fat in itself? And there’s no way you’re going to eat just one! Satisfy your cravings with a WAY lighter version – green beans in a blanket! She Knows created this recipe including part-skim cheese, ensuring that these treats will be both healthy and irresistible!

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Low Fat Chili

Not having chili at your Super Bowl party would be like not having having a quick shoulder massage with your manicure. It’s just not the same! Normally a high-calorie, high-fat dish, this recipe from Cooking Light substitutes ground turkey breast for regular ground meat – cutting calories and fat by 70%, with a barely detectable difference in taste!

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Celebrate the end of the night with something sweet! Chocolate covered strawberries are a festive and healthy option that will satisfy your sweet tooth with only a little bit of chocolate. Easily pipe on the lines by melting white chocolate chips, transferring to a plastic bag and snipping the corner off! All the party guests will surely admire your handiwork. Check out the easy to follow tutorial from Domestic Fits.

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