By Margaret Hyde, Spa Week’s Green Living Expert

I have tried a lot of truly green and supposedly green beauty products over the years. Some I loved, and some I didn’t. After thorough testing, and careful label reading, I can say with certainty that my all-time favorites are…

butter LONDON Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat

1. butter LONDON:
This polish is “three-free” which means it doesn’t contain three chemicals that are usually in polishes –toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde. Their base coat is a great light mushroom color that looks great by itself and when used with the polish and topcoat makes the polish really last.

2. Davines Authentic Cleansing Nectar:
This shampoo doesn’t have any of the No-No ingredients I don’ t like to use, and leaves your hair feeling clean, silky and smooth. Most other sulfate-free shampoos that I have tried leave your hair limp and with an oily feel.

3. Soapwalla Deodorant:
With this deodorant cream, you smell great all day and know that you aren’t absorbing any harmful petrochemicals, aluminum, parabens, or phthalates. Rachel, the creator of Soapwalla, began making the products in her kitchen — they’re so green that they are made with organic vegan food grade ingredients.

REN Facial Cleansing Milk

4. REN Facial Cleansing Milk:
This cleanser is free of all No-No ingredients and then some. It is filled with bio-extracts like calendula and fennel seed which soothes the skin as it cleans. In the winter months it is particularly healing, because it is gentle and doesn’t dry the skin.

5. Coola Sunblock:
Coola is an organic mineral sunblock that is chemical-free. The active ingredients are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. The lotion is light and leaves skin with a matte finish—not oily. It’s a perfect everyday sunblock for the face.

6. Vitacare Toothpaste:
This toothpaste has vitamins A, C, D, E, calcium, acai berry, and I love its cool mint flavor! It’s paraben, phthalate, sulfate (SLS), and petrochemical-free. With no artificial colors or flavors, this is the best green toothpaste that you can buy — and I have tried them all.

7. Coconut Oil:
My inexpensive green beauty secret is organic expeller or cold-pressed coconut oil (found in any health food store). This is the ultimate multi-use green beauty product. It can moisturize better than any lotion and makes an excellent lip balm as well. It is instantly absorbed, leaving the skin soft but not greasy, and it does not clog pores. In the winter, I love to add a spoonful to my baths to keep my skin soft and moisturized.