Photo by Zach Dischner Via

Photo by Zach Dischner

Since we first rang in 2013, we’ve enlisted our resident Joyology expert, Dashama, for some valuable advice to get us through the winter.

We hope her tips will help make 2013 your best year ever – and we challenge you to incorporate them into your daily lifestyle!

Tip #9: Travel

Leaving your comfort zone, your home environment and exploring a new region of the world can be powerful to shift energy and help you reconnect with joy and happiness. When we see and experience a new area of the world, we gain a new appreciation for everything we have in our lives.

When we return we are that much more grateful for what we do have, instead of focusing on what we lack or what is not working perfectly. I lead people on retreats to exotic locations that test taking them out of their comfort zone and encouraging inner growth in a powerful way. When we connect with new cultures, we also step out of our own limited ego, which can be powerful, transformational and life changing.

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