Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography Via

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

Since we first rang in 2013, we’ve been sharing advice from our resident Joyology expert, Dashama.

We’re sharing ten of her best happiness tips with you to help make 2013 your best year ever – and we challenge you to incorporate them into your daily lifestyle! Without further ado, here’s Dashama’s 10th and final tip:

Tip #10: Give to Others

When we give selflessly, in any capacity, it takes us out of our selfish ego mind and puts us in a space of grace. Whether it is to give our time, money, love, energy or anything else we have, it can be the most powerful way to remind us that we are not the center of the universe and there are many others out there experiencing the same suffering or even much worse than we are. This realization and reality check can be an antidote to a woe-is-me state of depression or that comes from dwelling on what we don’t have or focusing on the past and things we cannot change. Focusing on others is a way to shift energy in a positive way.

We hope you enjoyed Dashama’s Challenge – and will continue to put these tips into action throughout 2013 to make it your happiest year yet!

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