So… how’d we do?

When we put together the prizes for our epic January A Better You giveaway, the entire office was excited over the NaiLuv gel nail kit. After all, we love nail polish, we love gel manicures, and we love the idea of doing it all at home.

Since I do my own nails 99.9% of the time, I immediately had to go get one of these kits myself. Which I did. And last night I had a free hour and decided to bunker down in my bathroom (under the fluorescent lights, you see) to try it. The results? Awesome!

I knew from selecting this kit as a giveaway prize last month that it scored rave reviews from fans online. But I fully expected the UV light (included!) to not fully cure the gel, or that it wouldn’t set right, or that something bad would happen. Well, it didn’t.

The kit is extremely easy to use and contains everything you need. Editor’s Tip: Look on the box when you buy, as it will say which NaiLuv lacquer color it comes with, and they’re all different. Mine came with Pucker Up, a creamy semi-sheer ballet pink.

The process was pretty simple: Use the buffer to remove shine and “rough up” the surface of nails (to help the gel adhere) then thoroughly wash and dry them. Apply the bonder, then the base coat, then cure your nails in the dryer. Apply the lacquer, cure again, and repeat if you want a second coat. Then apply the top coat, cure again, and use a cotton ball soaked in the included cleaner to wipe your nails at the end. This removes certain “tacky” additives and leaves your nails slick and shiny, like this:

I think my gel manicure came out perfectly (if I do say so myself). Now it’s time to see how long it lasts. We’ll keep you posted.