Editor’s Note: We asked our friends at Tasting Table to share some healthy recipes to keep us energized throughout the winter — without any extra calories. Here, their editor hand-picked 3 recipes that they think our Spa Week readers will love. Enjoy!

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By Karen Palmer, Tasting Table’s Good Taste Editor

It’s hard enough to just get out of bed on cold mornings. To make it a little easier, we’ve compiled three of our favorite breakfast recipes–developed by Tasting Table’s Good Taste Test Kitchen–that are just as delicious as they are healthful. Each one will make waking up something you’ll actually look forward to.

1. Quinoa-Oat Squares

Quinoa-Oat Squares: Bored of the same bowl of oatmeal every morning? Kiss it goodbye. These wholesome bars are made with red quinoa, bulgur wheat, and old-fashioned oats, and are sweetened with ground dates and rice milk. They’re a warm, soothing start to your day — not to mention easily portable.

2. Cocoa-Bean Smoothie

Cocoa-Bean Smoothie: Beans for breakfast? It may sound odd, but when blended with Dutch-processed cocoa, banana, rice milk and honey, black beans provide a protein-rich boost that tastes pretty darn delicious. Try it before a workout or as a morning pick-me-up to bring to the office.

3. Chia-Pomegranate Pudding

Chia-Pomegranate Pudding: This treat transforms overnight into a nutty, surprisingly filling pudding as the chia seeds soak up the liquid and swell to form a creamy texture. Antioxidant-rich, high-fiber chia seeds are the foundation of this healthy breakfast, and we added a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds for sweetness and crunch.

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