When we heard that one of our spas, Venelle Salon and Spa in Brooklyn, NY, was using a new type of wax called Nufree, we had to get more details.

Nufree is, apparently, not a wax. Or a sugaring product. It was developed over 25 years ago as a gentle way for plastic surgeons to remove hair from patients before surgery.

It doesn’t contain wax, honey, or sugar… so what is it?! According to the manufacturer, it’s a self-preserving antibacterial and antimicrobial formula that contains triclosan, a chemical used to kill bacteria. All spas that carry the product must use sanitary disposable applicators or medical grade stainless applicators that can be cleaned, making this procedure a great choice for germaphobes.

Would you try it? Have you tried it? Let us know! And here’s a quick video of what it looks like: