beauty close-up portrait young woman faceI am obsessed white white teeth. I am not a person who would make a comment about a celebrity’s veneers looking “fake” or a person’s teeth being “too white.” Nope. No such thing.

I drink coffee every day. In fact, I travel 13 blocks out of my way every morning for my favorite cup of coffee. To thwart any negative effects on my pearly whites, I have tried a small arsenal of whitening products, and my hands-down favorite was always Crest Whitestrips (which I still use, love, and swear by). But I recently decided to try the Tanda Pearl whitening device, after multiple editor friends told me it’s really, seriously worth it. And guess what? It’s really, seriously worth it.

If you’ve ever whitened your teeth, you know that the first few times the peroxide comes in contact with them, your teeth feel a little sensitive, or even have an “ache” afterward. This goes away, and most people eventually can whiten without any feeling at all.

Still, there are people I know who never make it past this “ouch” stage, because their teeth are simply too sensitive. They give up and their teeth stay stained. For those people, this device is perfect.

Here’s why: The whitening gel that comes with the Tanda Pearl is designed to work with the ionic technology of the device (which emits a blue light to activate the gel, but also has the side benefit of killing germs and bacteria on teeth and gums). Because the light super-charges the gel, it doesn’t have the same zing that you sometimes feel with other whitening gels that work alone without a light component.

The device comes with a carrying case and 20 tubes of whitening gel for $195, but there’s a Valentine’s Day special: The Love Your Smile set (shown left) comes with an extra 10 tubes of whitening gel, plus the cutest carrying pouch ever so you can take it with you when you travel. It’s just $170 right now, so if you’re going to try the Tanda Pearl, that’s the way to do it!